Why I’m Not a Fan of “Alternative Medicine”

Nearly every week I run into someone out in the community who says “I love what you are doing, I’ve been into alternative medicine for several years.” What does it really mean to be ‘into alternative medicine’? Does it mean you use essential oils as a replacement to common medications when you have symptoms? Does it mean you consume raw food and do yoga?

Motivation vs Commitment

Have you ever wanted to make a habit change and failed? You had the inspiration, the motivation and the action plan. You bought all the equipment, you got that membership at the gym, you threw away the temptations but you went back to the same habit. Why does this happen so regularly and how can we break out of it?

Are Your Genes Killing You?

“My parents and grandparents had cancer so I’m probably doomed.”  We all hear these statements every day and maybe you have even fallen victim to this way of thinking.  Genes have become the scape-goat for virtually every health condition.  Heart disease?  Bad genes.  Cancer?  Family history. Obesity?  Runs in my family. The reality is you aren’t sick due to “bad” genes. 

A New Type of Diabetes: Type 3 or ‘Brain Diabetes’

The cause of the debilitating, and fatal, brain disease Alzheimer’s is conventionally said to be a mystery. While we know that certain diseases, like type 2 diabetes, are definitively connected to the foods you eat, Alzheimer’s is generally thought to strike without warning or reason. That is, until recently.

Now, a growing body of research suggests there may be a powerful connection between the foods you eat and your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia,